Revolutionizing Tuberculosis Diagnosis and Care: A Case Study on the Impact of the TBConnect App

Generate Reports, Manage Patient Profiles, Perform CYTB Testing and record induration measurements, Precisely diagnose Tuberculosis and monitor its progression, Monitor the spread of TB and strategize effective interventions - All within a single App, optimized for SEO.


Our solution

The healthcare organization client encountered difficulties in effectively managing data of tuberculosis (TB) patients and providing comprehensive training to healthcare professionals for conducting TB tests.
By utilizing this system, healthcare practitioners can conveniently create new patient profiles and retrieve existing ones in the event of recurring infections. This guarantees the accessibility and currency of patient data, facilitating healthcare providers in delivering precise and prompt TB care.
The client sought a mobile application that could effectively tackle the challenges associated with accurate TB diagnosis through induration, while also enabling efficient monitoring of diagnosed data.
Additionally, it grants healthcare personnel the ability to perform a CyTB test and document the induration accurately. This functionality empowers healthcare workers to make precise diagnoses of TB and closely monitor its progression.
In numerous areas, healthcare workers lack the essential expertise and training required for TB diagnosis and treatment, resulting in misdiagnosis, improper treatment, and unsatisfactory patient outcomes.
The platform also incorporates a reporting module that facilitates the generation of reports for sharing with the Government of India's Nikshay portal and patients. This characteristic enables healthcare institutions to maintain precise records of TB patient data and comply with government-mandated reporting obligations.


The MyLab CyTB App revolutionizes the TB detection, testing, patient data recording, and management process, boosting speed by 5 times and offering digital training for healthcare professionals.

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