At VGD Technologies, we take full responsibility to safeguard the privacy of our website visitors by strictly adhering to the below-mentioned norms and guidelines. We remain committed to protecting the visitor information by restricting all such activities related to misuse, breach of trust and commercial exploitation of visitor data. We do not sell, spam, rent or lease visitor information to any other parties.
To understand the uncompromising and committed nature of our privacy policy, it is essential to understand the way we utilise and process information of the visitors. The below-mentioned privacy policy also explains how our website makes use of visitor information for value addition to the contents and services we provide. Please make sure that by using our contents and services you agree to this privacy policy statement.
To address any emerging aspects concerning data security and privacy we also keep updating this privacy policy from time to time. So, to stay updated with our latest privacy policy, please keep visiting this page.
Information We Collect To authenticate users and to deliver them contents and services in a more meaningful way, we need to collect information of both personal and non-personal nature. We are committed to protecting both types of information.

We collect some personal information of visitors that may consist of the visitor name, contact details, IP addresses, the specific products and services selected by the visitors, etc. At different levels of interactions we can collect personal information of visitors including the time of communicating with visitors as customers or prospects, the time when visitors access our website contents or when you register with the website or fill up the “Contact Us” form with personal information.

Apart from the personal information of the visitors we also collect non-personal information about visitors. Such information of non-personal nature may include the system information including the device, operating system or browser in use, internet service providers and other technical information accessed by analytics.

VGD Technologies is highly focused on making relevant use of the visitor data to benefit the website users only. We collect and process visitor information for the following purposes. Personalising user experience: Through collected visitor information we have the insights of how the user interacts with and use our services and contents, and accordingly, we personalise the contents and features to the preferences of different user groups.

Based on user information concerning their use patterns, preferences and pain points we also make our website better with continuous design and development inputs.

The personal information and contact details of the visitors also allow us to send users relevant updates about the contents and services of the website through emails, messages and other means.

We use “cookies” on our website to make the user experience better. Cookies are used by the web browser to keep visitor records from the hard-drive location and at times for tracking the users. The users can always make their browser setting refuse cookies. But disabling cookies may lead to non-optimised user experience, and some functions may not work properly at all.

We hereby guarantee that we will not reveal any of the user information to the third parties except in situations when it is required as per the specific guidelines of this privacy policy. We may need to share visitor information in the following circumstances.

We need to disclose user information at times of selling a part or the whole of our business or website to another buyer. We also may need to disclose any information required by the federal or local government agencies and administrative bodies.

We may disclose visitor information for the express purpose of combating fraudulent practices as required by the legal agencies.

Finally, we never disclose visitor and user information to any third party except when it is absolutely needed for the specific purpose. Even while sharing any information, we give utmost priority to the visitors.

We at VGD, comply with most advanced data security standards and norms and make sure that all the personal information provided by the visitors and users are kept safe and secure without least exposure to destruction, theft or any other security vulnerabilities. Furthermore, to protect your data from all types of unauthorised access and misuse we have rigorous security system comprised of digital and manpower resources.

At VGD, we enjoy full discretion to update the privacy policy with additions, alterations and changes at any time. Whenever updating this privacy policy with any changes including that of text, design and format, we will provide updates to the users with a dated notification. We always inspire users to take this privacy policy seriously and visit this page for updated guideline from time to time. By using our website, you not only agree to this privacy policy but you also take the responsibility of visiting this page from time to time for knowing about the changes and modifications.

By visiting and using our website, you accept the terms and conditions laid out by this privacy policy. In case you do not agree to any of the terms and conditions of this privacy policy, you are advised not to use this website. By using this website continuously, you also agree to all the changes and modifications incorporated into the privacy policy from time to time.