Discover the Game-Changing Transformation of Sports Performance Tracking and Analysis with Footrax

Unlock Your Athletic Potential with Footrax: An App Designed and Developed in India to Enhance Performance Analysis for Amateurs, Semi-Professionals, and Professionals. Elevate Your Skills and Make Informed Decisions through Performance Indicators and Comparative Insights Offered by Footrax.


Our solution

Enhance Game Sessions and Track Player Progress with a Comprehensive System for Academies and Coaches.Experience the Precision of Accurate Heat Maps for In-Depth Game Session Analysis.
Experience the Seamlessly Integrated Connection between the Footrax App and Device. Scan the QR code on the BLE (Bluetooth Low Energy) device to establish a swift and reliable connection with individual players. Our team developed and implemented an advanced algorithm to enable faster communication between the Footrax device and mobile app.
Achieve Seamless Integration between the Footrax App and Device for Real-Time Performance Monitoring. Connect the Footrax Device to the App Effortlessly, Allowing Automatic Data Tracking and Recording.
Once the game commences, the Footrax device takes charge, automatically tracking and recording data for precise and real-time performance monitoring. Rest assured that your performance insights are accurate and up-to-date.
Empower Coaches with Tools to Manage, Analyze, and Improve Game Sessions. Gain Valuable Insights into Player Performance and Progress.Optimize Gameplay Strategies with Accurate and Real-Time Monitoring.
With the Dashboard module, players gain access to comprehensive statistics, encompassing speed, sprints, and overall game performance. Visualize your progress effortlessly through an intuitive and user-friendly graph, providing valuable performance analytics at a glance.
Simplify Device Connectivity for Players with a User-Friendly Approach. Track Data Automatically for Efficient Performance Analysis.Elevate Coaching Experience with Personalized Feedback and Guidance.
For coaches, the Coach module within the app streamlines the management of player batches and game sessions. Monitor individual player performance, track progress, and offer personalized feedback and guidance, all from one convenient platform.


Footrax revolutionizes performance tracking with comprehensive statistics, intuitive graphs, and seamless BLE device integration. The Leaderboard module sparks competition, while the Coach module empowers effective player management, benefiting athletes at all levels.

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