Health Numeric


Transforming Healthcare with Health Numeric App: Streamlined Device Connection and Personalized Health Data Monitoring.

Our advanced application establishes seamless connectivity with medical devices, enabling the instant capture of personal health data. It empowers individuals to monitor their well-being while also supplying healthcare practitioners with invaluable data for analysis and diagnosis purposes. Notably, this app integrates a distinctive feature designed to offer guidance and instructions specifically tailored for older patients. It facilitates their utilization of the Healthcare BLE device and encourages appropriate actions


Our solution

Our clients sought a mobile application capable of seamless integration with diverse medical devices, facilitating the collection and monitoring of individual health data.
We developed a streamlined process that ensures medical devices are connected to the app instantly, without requiring any complex configurations. This feature eliminates any inconvenience for users, allowing them to quickly start tracking their health data.
Additionally, they needed a robust system capable of processing this data to enable doctors in generating personalized health recommendations, considering the user's health history, symptoms, and medications.
To enhance healthcare professionals' effectiveness in analyzing and diagnosing patients, we have implemented a robust Management system. This system ensures the availability of comprehensive insights derived from the collected data.
To cater specifically to older patients, our solution includes a tailored feature that offers clear instructions and guidance on operating the Healthcare BLE device and navigating subsequent steps.
One of the standout features of our app is its remarkable ability to communicate with users, specifically catering to older patients. Once the device is connected, the app utilizes voice instructions to guide older patients through the correct usage of the Healthcare BLE device.


The Health Numeric Mobile app offers a user-friendly interface specifically designed for older individuals, ensuring effortless interaction and empowering users to effectively manage their health. This innovative app marks a substantial advancement in health tracking and management, delivering notable benefits to both patients and healthcare professionals.

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