Jarbit App: Simplify Personal Finance Management with its Intuitive Interface and Powerful Features.

Jarbit is a free finance tracker app designed to effectively manage expenses and income. With its user-friendly interface and robust features, Jarbit empowers users to log, view, and control spending, set budgets, and gradually save money. Our goal was to create a feature-rich and user-friendly app that provides a comprehensive overview of financial activities, allowing individuals to track and optimize expenses and income. Connect bank accounts, automate or manually add cash expenses, analyze finances with visually appealing graphics, set budgets, and save for future goals with Jarbit App.


Our solution

Our client sought a seamless solution to import transactions from their bank accounts effortlessly, along with the ability to manually add cash expenses. They specifically requested a multilingual app that supports multiple currencies and offers a diverse range of customizable themes.
Jarbit App seamlessly integrates with bank accounts, automatically importing transactions and providing users with a comprehensive overview of their cash flow. This eliminates manual data entry and ensures up-to-date financial information. We've also implemented language localization, diverse customizable themes, and a robust system for handling transactions in multiple currencies, including automatic currency detection and conversion for accurate financial management.
Furthermore, the client desired a finance tracking app that presents visually appealing and easily comprehensible graphics for effective financial analysis.
Our app features a unique daily spending limit calculation, based on user budgets, providing real-time insights and fostering responsible spending habits.
To meet their needs, we also implemented a robust system for managing shared budgets and wallets.
To address the client's requirements, we've incorporated beautiful and intuitive graphics for financial analysis, allowing users to easily track expenses and income each month. Additionally, our system can automatically allocate expenses per person when budgets are shared.


Experience effortless finance management with Jarbit App as it seamlessly integrates bank accounts, crypto wallets, and manual expense entry. Gain financial control through intuitive graphics, expense tracking, budgeting, and savings goals. Enjoy a user-friendly experience with multi-lingual support, customizable themes, and multi-currency handling. Jarbit App empowers users to optimize budgets, make informed decisions, and achieve financial well-being.

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