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Revolutionizing Recruitment: NextDeavor's Innovative ATS Portal Drives Efficiency and Success.

NextDeavor's ATS automates the recruiting process, seamlessly integrating with existing systems. It extracts candidate information from social media, parses CVs/resumes, and creates branded career pages. With personalized candidate recommendations, streamlined tracking, employee referrals, task management, reports, and analytics, it enhances efficiency, sourcing, and hiring outcomes. Experience optimized recruitment with NextDeavor's innovative ATS.


Our solution

The client sought an ATS solution to automate their recruitment process, optimizing workflows and boosting efficiency. The goal was to reduce manual tasks and save time through automation.
Our app seamlessly integrates with existing systems, extracting candidate information from social media platforms. It indexes candidate skills, automates CV/resume parsing, and enables mass uploads. Share job openings on various platforms and utilize one-click job board posting for efficient social media and email marketing recruitment.
Seamless integration with existing systems and software was a crucial requirement for the client. This integration would enable smooth data transfer and communication, eliminating the need for manual data entry and establishing a centralized recruitment management system.
Benefit from personalized candidate recommendations based on job descriptions, customizable candidate filtering and scoring, and comprehensive candidate progress tracking. Share candidate profiles and job status with hiring managers and agencies, customize pipelines, and integrate with popular email platforms.
The ATS needed to extract candidate information from social media platforms, providing valuable insights into their professional profiles, skills, experiences, and online presence.
Enjoy features like an automated employee referral program, flexible user permissions and roles, and a team planner. Manage calls, emails, meetings, interviews, and tasks with customizable notifications and shareable email templates.
Automated indexing of candidate skills was desired, enabling recruiters to quickly search and filter candidates based on specific skills or keywords. Reporting and analytics capabilities were essential, including overview reports, candidate reports, and job reports.
Generate a variety of insightful reports, including overview, candidate, job, segmented, pipeline activity, home dashboard, jobs dashboard, client dashboard, social media dashboard, and hiring team activity reports.
Task management tools within the ATS were sought to facilitate organization and tracking of recruitment-related tasks such as calls, emails, meetings, and interviews. Customizable task calendars, reminders, and notifications would ensure timely and efficient task completion.
Centralize the job posting process, eliminating the need for manual navigation of individual job boards. Our app automatically extracts candidate information from LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, and GitHub. It simplifies CV/resume evaluation through automatic parsing, populating candidate profiles effortlessly.


Improve candidate sourcing with our app that extracts data from social media platforms and employs AI-driven recommendations for enhanced quality and relevance. Automating manual tasks frees up recruiters to concentrate on strategic activities, increasing productivity. NextDeavor achieves streamlined recruitment, saving time and resources, attracting top talent, and making data-driven decisions for superior hiring results and a competitive advantage. Expand job visibility by sharing openings on 2,500+ channels, including popular platforms such as Indeed, LinkedIn, Monster, CareerJet, JobStreet, and more.

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