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Transforming Healthcare with Health Numeric App: Streamlined Device Connection and Personalized Health Data Monitoring.

Our advanced application establishes seamless connectivity with medical devices, enabling the instant capture of personal health data. It empowers individuals to monitor their well-being while also supplying healthcare practitioners with invaluable data for analysis and diagnosis purposes. Notably, this app integrates a distinctive feature designed to offer guidance and instructions specifically tailored for older patients. It facilitates their utilization of the Healthcare BLE device and encourages appropriate actions


Our solution

The app required an interface that ensures both security and user-friendliness, facilitating efficient monitoring and management of healthcare data.
We developed a comprehensive healthcare data dashboard, empowering users to effortlessly view and manage their medical information. This includes features like accessing medical records, lab results, prescription history, and other pertinent data.
Seamless and secure sharing of healthcare data with healthcare providers and other recipients was a key requirement.
Our integration of a powerful search function enables users to easily locate nearby healthcare providers and doctors. Users can check appointment availability and seamlessly schedule visits or virtual consultations. With in-app calendar integration, scheduling and reminders become effortless.
The app needed to include features for locating nearby healthcare providers and doctors, allowing users to book appointments for video and audio calls.
The app incorporates a built-in communication system, facilitating chat, call, and video call functionalities with doctors.
Granting specific recipients read or write access to personal health data was an essential functionality for users.
To ensure data security, the app provides tracking and display of shared data access by recipients. Users also have control over managing access to their family members' health data.


The development of this app has led to notable achievements, such as improved patient experience, enhanced health data privacy and security, streamlined sharing capabilities, enhanced healthcare provider search and coordination, optimized appointment management, and ultimately, improved health outcomes.

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